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After you’ve been through the “difficult” process of searching for your dream home, it’s then time to review the closing process. At The Title Station, once you’ve placed the order for your title work, we begin the exacting process to secure your financial investment in your home. After obtaining all necessary title information, it is assembled, which is often referred to as the Title Insurance Binder. The documents are then forwarded to the lender, whom we work closely with to coordinate the closing. When you leave the closing, your part is concluded; however, The Title Station continues to work for you. By completing the lenders instructions and recording all the paper work with the appropriate agencies, thus bring the process to a close.

Closing Services

Real Estate Closing Services

After searching for a home is finished, the negotiations have been completed, the house has been inspected, and the mortgage has been applied for and committed to, the focus suddenly turns to the Closing. The process of which will put the title to the house in your name, verify homeowners’ insurance on the property, commit in writing to the terms of the mortgage, put the keys to the house in your hands. In general, you will leave the closing and go to your new home as a homeowner. The weeks and months of anticipation are all settled in the short amount of time that you spend at the closing.

  • A closing agent performs in-home or office closings
  • Closing agents offer flexible closing times
  • Closing agents cover remote locations
  • A closing agent performs FHA Loan closings, VA Loan closings, conventional loan closings and more
  • Closing agents receive e-mail closing packages
  • A closing agent offers after-hours coverage

Notary Public

Certified Notary Signing Agent for Loan documents, first and second mortgages, VA Loans, Home Equity, E-Loans, Acknowledgements, Certified copies, Wills and all other notary acts. We are not attorneys licensed to practice law in the state of Florida, and we may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.